Starburst Slots for IOS

The critics may not have loved the original version of the game so much but the NetEnt developed the iOS version which changed their opinion of this game.

The question is : Would you like a dazzling, over-the-top graphics with useless animations that just make you squint your eyes while making it difficult to actually play the game? Or would you want the simpler and basic version that lets you reap the benefits of all the bonus the game has to give while enjoying the cosmic theme it presents as well, instead of becoming blinded by it.

My answer here is that i would like a basic game, understandable where I can actually know on what I'm investing pocket money in.

Let’s discuss the features of the game now. Basically, it is a 5 reel, 10 lines game. Even these small turns (paylines) are very giving because of the great odds. You can play it for fun or for money, activating it with a minimum bet of £0.01.

After that, you just watch the reels spin with your fate resting on them. The game has a scatter and a wild symbol. But it only offers you a single bonus feature. Which gives you 3 free spins and 1x multiplier.

The thing worth mentioning here would be that it is now compatible with your IOS devices as well.

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The operating system mentioned is a rather sleek and sophisticated one and designing a game for it is no small feat. However, now you can play your favourite games on your iPhones, iPods as well as your iPads. This has made life as we know it a whole lot sweeter.

The visuals in this iOS version are much better in an understated way. Instead of being too full of bling, they let you focus on the game instead of the animations. The graphics are still great in every way, though. So, you are still playing the game with brilliant colors.

The iOS version of Starburst lets you play the game in your personal devices and you don’t have to be confined in one place to get your fix of the game. It stays true to the original theme of the game and is definitely worth a shot.

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