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This sweet candy slot machine has been developed by Betsoft. Sugar Pop slot game, as the name indicates has a theme ranging from all types of your favourite sweets and chocolates.

It would have you salivating, but just behind the screen.

However, this is not the only thing that is sugary about this game, it has all the bonuses and features you would need to win big.

The great odds make the game a worthy slot. With candy canes and chocolate cubes all steeped in great animation, prepare to get some major cavities. Because the game is here to give you a sweet tooth.

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It is an impressive 5 reel, 30 pay-lines slot and the best way to win is that is to follow the game’s standard rules.

The game has scatter symbols and wild symbols with bonus features to boot. So you can play the game for money or in fun mode.

The starting bet can be £0.01. And the maximum bet per spin is 250 coins. The game is pretty fun to play.

Sugar Pop Slots has great visuals, terrific graphics and balanced game playing. The visuals and colours are basically of barbie scheme, with bubble and candy colours dancing across the screen.

And not just that, whenever you get a scatter or wild symbol they have specific animations.

Bonus Features

There are plenty of those in this slot machine.

The candy cane symbol, on appearance, dances across the screen and explodes the symbols in all four directions around it. It is sure to bring a smile to your face.

For all the chocolate lovers, whenever the cube appears, it melts down the front of your screen to cover surrounding symbols. With great graphics, it makes your mouth water. It explodes 9 symbols leaving a vacancy to be filled.

The Gumball jawbreaker is lovely and gives you 200 points on explosion. The caramel hew gets you 5 more symbols to chew so you can make more points while the ballistic jellybeans and lollipops have their own points as well.

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