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The online version of the game was only praised by a few because of its less than winning odds. But some, like me, fell in love with the game in its entirety. But the mobile version has made that love even more firm. Starburst mobile game is based on the cosmic realities, featuring stars and gems and what-not. Let’s discuss why the game is so much better in the smaller screen.

Starburst mobile is an impressive 5 reel, 10 lines slot and even with lesser lines, the game still manages to take your breath away with all it has to offer.

The game is a simpler and basic version of its online counterpart. The larger version of the game was basically all about show, with brilliant colours that stole the thunder. But in this version of the game, you get less and gain more.

With the same Wild and Scatter Symbol as the original version, the game has only one bonus feature to offer. When you get 3 scatter symbols stacked you activate it and get rewarded with 3 free spins and 1x multiplier.

This mobile version is more basic and is addictive in its simplicity. So you got pretty distracted whilst playing it.

It still has the brilliant cosmic colours and the dazzling stars which makes the game terrific to play

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This is better because when playing this mobile version you can focus more on the game than anything else. You don’t get blindsided with all the colours on your screen, but just roll with the flow of the game.

This makes the game more fun as well as giving you better odds on both Android and IOS. It stays true to the original slot machine by not being too imposing on your senses. This along with sleek graphics and the thematic interface makes it a brilliant play. Now you can play the game anywhere you are and anytime.

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